New Carrara product: "Skies of Economy"

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I didn't see a thread about this in the other forums, so I'm posting here. Heads up!

I am not sure what the "economy" of the product refers to.

Carrara Version:

30 32-bit .HDR Images (4096 x 4096)
30 Direct Light Presets
30 Background Presets
30 Render Setting Presets

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    thanks for the heads up Holly,

    i think economy is a newly discover planet.... mercurcy venus earth mars jupiter saturn economy uranus neptune

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    Thanks for the heads up. Now in 33% intro sale.
    Economy may refer to the large amount of sets in one item, also for 4 different softwares, could have been sold in 4-8 items instead...

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    I have skies of economy.

    Does anybody have any user info on SOE?

    I downloaded the carrara content and was able to get the HDRI files and load them in to scene background.

    I was also able to load the rendering presets into the rendering window.

    I could not figure out how to use the 3rd component, it's the .cbr files under > presets> background. Only by a pic on another thread was I able to see that these were loaded into the misc. browser.

    I tried dragging them everywhere but they don't drop in on anyrhing.

    So feeling something was missing I next downloaded the poser SOE file and loaded the runtime.

    I dragged 1 of the SOE runtimes files into my scene wish added a SOE skydome, added the matching HDRI file in the scene background and added the matching render preset and all I get is black.
    I tried reversing the domes normals and also tried unchecking the domes cast shadows in case light wasn't paasing through.

    It makes me wonder why there is not a simple "read me" file with some instruction on what needs to be downloaded for which application, where the content should be loaded i.e. browers tabs, runtime etc. and a brief discription on how to use the product.
    Or is that info there somewhere and I missed it, sorry if I did?

    I googled, shearched daz and youtube abd couldn't find any info or tutorials.



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    HI Midnight Flyer

    The "Backgrounds" get dragged 'n' dropped from the Misc tab in the browser,.. into the "Scene / Background. (See pic)

    Essentially,.. these are the drag'n'drop version of loading the HDRI files and settings, so you're not missing out :)

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    Thanks 3DAGE, what I was doing wrong was trying to drop the files from the browser into the HDRI box. I see you have to drop them into the map box and then carrara loads the file and switches the tab to the HDRI set up.

    I also noticed that I missed a 4th component which I was looking for (the light presets) they are under scenes not presets.

    So the 4 carrara componets are:

    scenes> lights> dimension theory> SOE (add folder to objects tab)

    presets> rendering> dimension theory> SOE (load from rendering window > rendering top right)

    presets> backgrounds> dimension theory> SOE................these are.cbr files of the HDRI files (add folder to misc tab)

    presets> textures> dimension theory> SOE....................these are .hdri files (redundacncy if using the .cbr background files I'm thinking)

    So that all makes sense.

    But I'm still not getting the poser runtime SoE_skydome object. I see it in the scene but It is only show up black. I checked the shader and there is a texture map of sky but not seeing anything (again unchecked cast shawdows) Not seeing the texture map on the inside of the skydome shere, nor on the outside of the shere??


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