GenX failed o duplicate V4 Nose Morphs

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So, I got this dialed character:

Set it up for GenX, did the transferre... and it did: but Malina's amazing NOSE did not translate!!

I had all the morphs checked... does anyone know what I might have done wrong?


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    Sorry, maybe I need to be more clear.

    I was transferring the character as a single morph for Genesis. But when I noticed that the nose was not even close to the same shape on Genesis as the original, I tried again and again... but I could not get it to work... I deleted the morph, tried again... the morphs were head morphs, and they were selected... and I'm not sure, but I think that None of them went... :( All of them were V4++ morphs. I know this because I injected no others.

    What I did differently than I do usually is that I had to load the DS exported Cr2 file into GenX. Usually, I load V4 Cr2 from DAZ, then load the Pose INJ file from DAZ, then I load the Character INJ file. All those are in Poser format. However, this figure was distributed in a DAZ format, which GenX doesn't seem to like... so I exported a Cr2 file. NOw, the V4 Cr2 file loads just fine into DS 4.5... the nose morphs (and I think more than a few other face morphs) just don't seem to want to go through GenX to Genesis...

    Does anyone know why this might be and how I can work around it?

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    Okay... here's what I found out: its not just that it's not duplicating morphs. The morphs it loads are duplicated.

    It is not LOADING all the face morphs!!!! There are a whole slew of morphs for Victoria 4's face that simply are not showing up at all.

    Something is not working properly here. Please, I truly need help figuring this out!

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    the problem has been fixed... it was that control morphs were not displayed, and I was unaware of them.

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