DCG Importer for Carrara

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Digital Carvers Guild has a new Carrara item out.



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    I'm interested, as all the plugs from DGC are excellent!... but I don't exactly understand what is this one: seems to be useful only for animation... well, if somebody knows that "imported obj sequence", I sould really like to be informed!

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    Hi Celmar :)

    If you know the program "Real-flow" http://www.realflow.com/
    which is a physics "fluid" simulation,.. then the model created by that, can be exported as a series of different models,... one for each frame of the simulation,... (can be very big files)

    with this plugin, it opens the possibility of using that in carrara, as well as other programs which can save simulation data as sequenced models.


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    Thank you for the heads up, news posted at http://carraracafe.com/?p=2394
    Blender and Realflow exports have been mentioned, any other examples?

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