Luscious Curves for V4, bug on it!

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Hi evrybody,
a few days ago i open i thread in poser section about "Luscious Curves for V4"
I got the same problem in both Studio and Daz applications.
I installed it in both software, lunch Victoria 4, try to apply any "Luscious Curves for V4" files, Studio and Poser, both of them prompt me with a message, they ask for ” RemDeltas.FBMUtopianBody.pz2” file that we found out, i open a bug report about, belongs to "Elite body shape". As told i open i bug report, service is amizing, so kind, they give me "Elite body shape" for free, really thanks!

Anyway i open this thread cause i would like to ask:
about Studio 4 and "Luscious Curves for V4" installation, this problem has nothing to do with the bug report:
I'm in windows 7, "Luscious Curves for V4" comes with 3 files:
In studio i must install all 3 files so i installed as first
"V4EliteBodyShapes.exe", at the end the installation ask for finalize, i said yes however the finalisation gave me error message about DzCreateExPFiles-V4 files, i try to run it by myself however, as soon as i click this bat file, i see a dos page apperas for half second or so and disaperes, no time to red if something is written on it.
In poser i install just one file:
finalize it, no problem at all, the installation was fine, file initialize properly.

About Studio 4, what i have to do to install "Luscious Curves for V4", initialize it in a proper way?
Thank s a lot!

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