How to lock a model's position in space

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When I move a character to a spot in the virtual space (for example to not inhabit the same area as a second character) I want them to stay there. When I choose a preset pose or animation, they revert to the default location where they appeared when I loaded the model. How can I have them stay put? thanks


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    Add-on poses should include the hip, usually zeroing it, but not the root - "Genesis" or "Victoria 4" for example. So if you make your placement adjustments using the root rather than the hip the figure should stay put when you apply a pose. The other thing you can do is lock the parameters or the whole node - in DAZ Studio click the little cog on the slider for the translations on the hip, select Parameter Settings, and put a check in the box for Locked at top-right (I would suggest locking only the x and z translations, y may be needed to adjust to keep the feet on the ground).

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