Have you tried the Ready to Render Scene? How are your results?

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People have been asking for something like this for a long time, and we would like to know how it is working for you. Is it fun to look into our settings, etc?


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    I am just trying it now. I had a problem with it at first but it was because I accidentally installed the legacy version of planet lava and not the DSON core version. I'm going to take a look at settings afterwards. So far it seems to be rendering pretty quickly. Do you have any pointers on specific settings it would be fun to look at? I intend to look at the lights and the render settings. Anything else? Have shaders been applied and tweaked?

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    You're going to need a "frostbite" shader if those poor girls stay out in the snow dressed like that for much longer. ;-)

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    I did a render and it looks fantastic just as advertised. I then immediately lost power to my home for several hours. I fully intend to load this up and spend time going over the various settings and stuff to see if I can find pointers to making my stuff look this good.

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