Another one I am strugling with

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Hi there, thanks for teh help on teh last post :)

Maybe someone can help here too?

I have Facial Expressions for V4 (Poser 9) and I have loaded / installed it. I run the Morph INJ (I have the Morph++ installed for V4, it seems to load but I can not find the expressions in the Model, Body selected or head selected, only ones I see to use are the default ones.

I have tried loading the emotions individually also but something is not right.

thanks for any guidance


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    HI bpzen :)

    I can not find the expressions in the Model, Body

    The Facial morphs, wouldn't be in the Body... They would normally appear in the HEAD of the figure.

    Try selecting the figure's head in the scene, then looking a the Parameters section.

    Once you've injected an expression morph, you'll have a slider to control the amount of that expression.
    If you've injected all the facial expression morphs, then you should see all the controls for them, and you can mix various values of different expressions together.

    Hope it helps :)

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