Crying Time for Poser - no tears?

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I am new to this, having some fun and frustrations while I ramp up

I have a package I got form DAZ, Crying Time for Poser, and have tried everything I can think of and have a ticket open with support who seem stumped too.

The Expressions work but the tears do not show up.

Has anyone else seen this or know what I may be doing wrong?

The only reason I spent $$ is to add the tears to some poses and its fairly useless with out them working.



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    Which version of Poser are you using? THis package was put togethere with Poser 7 + in mind, and is based on using python scripts. If you are using the very latest version of Poser, thjen this will indeed not work, as SM changed the version of Python used in the latest version.

    The vendors have been trying to get their products updated to the latest version of Python, but it is a time consuming job.

    Both vendors do use the forum here, so you could contact them directly, but I think that it is DraagonStorm that is the one doing the python scripting work.

    You can download a PDF here, which may have further information

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    Poser 9, so that explains it.......... anyone know of another add on that will show tears / crying?

    Thank you

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    I guess Customer service has already explained to you that if this product doesn't work in your version of Poser, then you can get a refund, provided you ask within 30 days of buying the product.

    I personally don't know of any other product tlike this, but others may,

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