Missing parts to a bundle.

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Hello everyone,
I bought the Millennium Horse Bundle and I can't find anywhere three of the listed features (perhaps more than three). So far I can't find the model Mule, Drafthorse, and Donkey. The list below shows what is supposed to come with that bundle.
Thank you very much for your help! :)

•Millennium Horse CR2 and OBJ.
•Millennium Foal CR2 and OBJ.
•Both Foal and Horse are Mimic Compatible
•Advanced UV Layout
•129 Morph Targets for the Millennium Horse, Including Body Shaping Morphs, Head Expressions and the Following Breeds:


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    The other breeds are morphs of the main Horse. You should find some mat/mor poses.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I can't find those morphs anywhere.
    Thanks again. :)

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    If you select the Mil Horse in the Scene tab, then go to the Parameters tab, and you will find them all under General (see below)

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    Thanks JimmyC_2009, that helps a lot. I found the morphs, though it seems somewhat difficult to get the best results. I suppose I will just practice while looking at a picture of the desired outcome. Maybe I can post my results for feedback.
    Thanks again! :coolsmile:

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    Setting the morph slider to 1.0 should be the desired result, but you can change that up or down to suit yourself.

    By all means, post your images for feedback, I'm sure we wont be too rough on you :)

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