Stephanie 5 or Victoria 5

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Are there any major advantages for either? what are the differences?


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    V5 is busty and idealised, S5 is a more normal (if still slim) looking woman. Either is more finely detailed than the Basic Female shape.

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    Aside from personal preference about their appearance, S5 comes with three head shapes and three body shapes, while V5 has just one head and two body options.

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    The beauty of them both being part of Genesis is that you can mix and match the features of both of them. So, if you like one bit of V5 and one bit of S5 you can combine them and might end up with what you really want.


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    I loooove Stephanie 5! gonna be using her a TONNE! Maybe I'll make some freebie Dialed Stephanie characters just for SnGs...

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    2getit said:
    Are there any major advantages for either? what are the differences?

    Okay, Stephanie is just over 5' tall in both default and curvy, 5'6 in Model. Victoria is 5'6 in defaullt, 5'9 (i think) in Supermodel.

    They have VERY similar UVS! SIMILAR, not exactly he same!!!!! The are just different enough that using a Victoria 5 map on Stephanie 5 UVS might be a problem. IMHO, I think making Stephanie 5 Textures is a loosing proposition. You should use the Victoria 5 UVS instead. FORTUNATELY you can. Riley for Stephanie 5 by the gloriously talented Vyktohria is stunningly beautiful... and Vyktohria was smart enough to use the Victoria 4 uvs, which makes her Riley for S5 textures and material injection scripts usable by Victoria 4...

    Bottom line is this: since we have so many options with Genesis UVS, it sort of becomes a non-issue... unless and untill somone starts producing textures for one of the other UVS sets.

    My advice on Stephanie 5: buy her. She's worth having as a default base even if you don't have Victoria 5.

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    Okay.... now I'm wasting my valuable time playing with S5... here's Ayano. She's wearing Stephanie 5's body unmodified (except for my belly button)
    Face Morphs are as follows (all available at DAZ)
    Amaterasu Head: .45
    Stephanie 5 Head: -1
    Asian Female A Up: -.23
    Asian Female B Up: .47
    Asian Female B Low: -.091
    Asian Female C Low: .47
    Head Propagating Scale: 6%
    Neck Lenth: .24

    She's wearing the Riley texture (not Vyktohria's, the OTHER Riley for Genesis, also here at DAZ)
    That's the Asian Face Morphs set for Genesis, Amaterasu, Stephanie 5, and i also tweaked some values from the Die Trying morphs to the face. But those are too lengthy to go over.

    411 x 591 - 147K
    411 x 591 - 157K
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    I use both. I tend to think steph renders in a more realisticly human way than vic does right out of the box.

    I tend to bump Stephanie taller. I don't like too much height disparity between my male and female characters when I render 'em, but that's easily done.

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