WARNING !!! Victoria 5.1 and Genesis 5.1

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This is a warning

A week ago i downloaded content from ShareCG.com called Victoria 5.1, after installing (by coppying the files in place) all models (including the default genesis model) had boobs and very large pointed nipples.

It took me some time to find the problem. I found it In the Parameters / Actors pannel. There was a controll added called V5.1. This controll got to max at all load or merge of a model.

I had a look at te original downloaded files to find witch files where added with this content, and deleted them from the folowing paths

\My Library\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\Marcius Hess (delete folder Marcius Hess)

\My Library\People\Genesis\Characters\Marcius Hess\ (delete folder Marcius Hess)

Today i found the same content package on ShareCG under the name of Genesis 5.1,


So be warned to use these content packages or else above is the solution to get rid of the problem.

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    I see that guys morphs are still causing people to flap, just because Genesis doesn't load in as the androgynous gray golem doesn't mean it's time to delete files or uninstall/reinstall files.

    You have two "easy" ways to fix this issue with this morph or with any other morph it might happen to.
    1) Find the offending morph in the Parameters tab so you have an idea of what it's called, then try and find the file for it in "data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs" folder, open it with a text editor and find the value and change it back to zero, then save it.

    2) Find the offending morph in the Parameters tab, set the dial back to zero, you should see a little "cog" on one side of the dial (they all have them), click it and in the menu select "parameter settings" (should be first on the list), in the new window that opens you will see two color pickers, select one and change the color very slightly, click "accept" to apply the changes, now go "File > Save as > Support Asset > save modified asset", a new window will open with the pathway and file name of the morph, accept it and DS will overwrite the bad file with a good one.

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    And since Bejay beat me to this one...I guess I'll hold off on making pics of the process...(trying to compile something that's taking forever...)

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    about V5.1,, I have already get it,, it is just funny ^^;
    but not recommend to use it .

    before install them,, I edited manually. as Bejaymac said,,
    open the V5.1.dsf in the data folda , and edit current value to zero,manually.

    when edit V5.1.dsf, I needed to change name to extract by 7.zip
    eg "V5_1.dsf". after extract it, and edit , then rename again ,and install it.

    about character preset file, (V5.1.duf)
    V5.1.duf do not change othre character default value. just change victoria 5 or some morph current value.

    there was no problem. but if updated, I can not check about it.

    I am now little bit dissapointed,, because,,now I download genesis 5.1 with just curiosity,,
    then check it,, it is same as Victoria 5.1 , only package name is different ^^; I think,,

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    it is ofcourse the vendor make mistake. and user need to take care when save morph. or save modified assets.

    but if daz do not improbe about save as morph,
    there will be same problem for other user, or new comer.

    I saw many same problem happend and reported in this forum.

    it is just simple and can easily remove the problem, if user can understand which file cause the problem.
    and where installed these files.

    but sometimes can not find which morph are saved as current value. or default value.
    and sometimes need to reinstall other morph files. not only the install ciritcall file.

    why need to save the current value of morph when save as morph?
    and why need to chane the default value of other morphs when apply character preset file?

    before ds 4.0.1, it can not. and it need not. usually, when save as morph, user hope to the morph and controller,
    not hope to save the current value shape. if need it, just save as character preset, or scene file.
    but need not change default value of other character shape.

    if DAZ think, it must be need, ,, DAZ need to clear and discribe about ds save option as official manuall.
    DAZ often improve and change ,version up ds. it seems good, but about change which may cause trouble,
    must need more clear guide..

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