Light Dome LE for DAZ Studio 4?

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I am thinking about buying one of the Light Dome products, but since Light Dome Pro 1 & 2 are only compatible with DAZ Studio 3 and I might switch to DAZ Studio 4.5, I was thinking about Light Dome LE.

Does anybody own the product or knows if it will work together with DS4.5??




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    I don't think it is.. but it seems to me I read in one of the forums .. that if you create your scene in 3.x and then import it into 4.5 it may work. BUT.. One it's own in 4.5 NO. I'd check with Dreamlight about that before you bought it..

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    If the item is not a PLUG-IN then it will work. LDP2 is a plug-in but I don't think LD LE is as I don't have it myself.

    It has been a running moan for a while now about Dreamlight not ugrading their products for DS4.5

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    Light Dome Pro and Studio Light Pro (and Light Dome LE and presumably Studio Light LE, though I haven't tried that one) work fine in DS4 and DS4.5 (despite what the product pages say). Some of the newer ones like Light Dome Pro 2 do not.

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    The older non-plugin stuff works fine as they were just light presets. so the original LDP works fine.

    Some people have said they saved out their LDP 2 presets as scenes for Daz and then opened them in 4. They lose the functionality of the plug in had but at least they had the lights set up.

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    Thank you for all your answers till now!

    As I have seen, there is an interesting new product here:

    Haven't had time to compare it yet -- but seems rather interesting to me!

    Thanks very much!


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    Not sure if anyone is watching this thread anymore... it's so old... but....

    I have Daz 4.6.... the lights seem to work and it renders (sloooooooowly)... Depends on my settings but not as fast as claimed... But that's ok... I have patience ;) My problem is... there are no backgrounds showing up on the dome...
    This is the product I just purchased...
    It says the package includes.. 16 Matching Sky Photo Backgrounds ...
    Anyone know what I need to do to get them to show up???
    I bought the package for the backgrounds AND lights.
    Seems to me a lot of these older products need to be updated... A few of the video links on the page don't work either.. they are 404 Not Found!

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    Io uso con successo,Studio LightPro in DazStudio 4.7

  • subtl3subtl3 Posts: 44

    Any answers for the Light Dome LE for DS sky files?? I can't find them either

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    Not sure if LE is the same, but for Light Dome Pro the backgrounds are in [content library name]\Light Dome PRO

  • Llola LaneLlola Lane Posts: 3,894

    Nope... not there Fixmypcmike :(  nothing on my computer either... DAZ needs to pull this item if it's no longer good.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    Could you report that the backgrounds seem to be missing?

  • Llola LaneLlola Lane Posts: 3,894

    Could you report that the backgrounds seem to be missing?


    good idea ... I think I will :)  I've had it for a while... Not really had a chance to play much with it.  Nice idea though :)

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