Which files to install???

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I've just downloaded some updated files and are a bit confused as to which files I actually *NEED* to install...

Take the Pyrit Hair for example :
13424_PyritHair_1.4_trx = 99167 kB
13424_PyritHairLegacy_1.4_trx = 76947 kB
13424_PyritHairPoserCF_1.4_dpc = 6439 kB
13424_PyritHairV4_1.4_dpc = 33792 kB

I don't *NEED* either V4 or Poser Companion Files so does that mean that I have to install the first two in the list above?
OR is it enough with the larger one?

I guess the one with V4 in the name contains the V4 specific files.
Also that the one with PoserCF in the name holds the Poser Companion Files.

Can anyone explain what the difference is with the 13424_PyritHair_1.4_trx and the 13424_PyritHairLegacy_1.4_trx?

Thanks in advance!


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