How to stop Daz flashing at me

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Yeah well not as risqué as it sounds. Whenever i hover my cursor over something it lights up like a christmas tree. I find this really annoying and know that this can be disabled but i cant recall how. Any info would be appreciated
Thank you


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    You need to go to the Tool Settings pane, Window > Tabs > Tool Settings, and change the Draw Style to Bounding Box Only. It sounds like it is set to Bounding Box & Surface.

  • deeahr2169deeahr2169 Posts: 322
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    Thank you again, i remembered that as i followed your instructions but would never have got there alone.

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    This can be turned off?!
    Awesome, I was annoyed by it as well :D

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    davidahr and JimmyC, thank you so much for this thread! It bugged me too :red:

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