Problems using CCWings for V4 Creature Wings

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I've had the RawArt CCwings Variety Pack for about a year now. I've used it before without any problems but now I'm about to tear up my computer with the problems I'm having. Specifically, the Egyptian wing style, which I have never used until now. I load the materials in Poser, but only the back shows the pattern. The front is transparent and when I manually add the textures to the front, it gets all funky. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Or has anyone had this problem before? I am so frustrated. I can load ANY other texture such as a Poser gold texture or dress pattern, or anything, and it shows up, but when I load the Egyptian or bat materials, everything is transparent except the back of the wings. it looks to me like there are missing files. I reset my downloads thinking I might have missed something or there might have been an update, but no such luck.

I'm asking here since I wasn't for sure if I could actually submit a help ticket for something which seems a little silly. But blast it, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for any help provided.


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    Have you tried setting Normals Forward in the Material Room? It may be that that set is emant to work as a single-sided texture, I suppose.

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    When i load the wings in Poser 9, one side is indeed transparent in the preview window. In the final render everything does show up fine.
    The wings seem to be a plane with no thickness, my guess is the poser preview renderer can only texture one side of a plane ?

  • GlenWebbGlenWebb Posts: 250
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    Thank you both for your help. It's still not showing up in the final render. I had Normals Forward checked already but unchecking it and checking the box again didn't do anything. I think I'm going to just give up. It's too blasted frustrating to keep going on.

    Thanks again, both of you.

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