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I know that with Poser it is possible to introduce an env sphere into the scene, then you can attach an HDR panoramic image to the sphere (like Bagginsbill sphere) then you would get a 360 degree reflective environment in your scene...you can also attach different images to the sphere to get different environments.

my question: is there such a possibility for Daz Studio?...any sphere or dome that can be used for this same purpose in Studio?...

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    UberEnvironment...included with DS.

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    Yes, though the supplied HDRI maps in uberEnvironment probably are too blurred to be useful. But using a different HDRI map, if necessary converting its type with the supplied script, and applying that to a scaled version of the speheer that loads with UE lights, set to be Visible in Renders (that's off by default) would do the same job.

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    Just to add to what Richard said above, remember to show hidden properties, making the scaling sliders visable. Also you will need to Unlock the Padlock to Scale the Sphere.

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    Look in this thread: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/7264/P165.
    DavidGB will teach you a lot in that thread.

    You can also start with one of the Urban Recreation HDR environments, if you have those. It comes with a shadow catcher, which is nice. Once you have converted your HDR files to the correct format following DavidGB's directions, you go into the surfaces tab and change the diffuse and ambient image maps of the UR Skydomemesh to your highres JPEG image. Then change the image map on the UR UberEnvironment light to the lowres blurrred HDR TIFF image. Follow DavidGB's instructions for aligning the distant light in the UR environment to the new image you are using for lighting (his response to my question about the "cube" tip.) I did this process successfully with a couple HDR sets I downloaded from the HDRLabs site that DavidGB mentioned.

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