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Why- is it so complicated to install content (old ones ) in C 8.5??? I don't have poser, since I crashed my hard disk, cose I lost the precedent version of poser... I've installed daz studio, but installing content is nearly always a pain!...


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    Which content? Carrara's, Studio's, or Poser's? And from what an installer or a zip file?

    I use external runtimes for poser so that is as simple as drag and drop. I also have "my presets", carrara content in the same folder as my runtimes. Studio is a horse of a different color. After fighting with the installers I just let install to it's default location; my documents/daz3d/studio/my library.
    I always install content to a dummy folder for sorting, then drag and drop folders. With zips I just unzip, check, then drag and drop to the proper runtime.

    The DAZ installers are the pain though. Not at all sure why DAZ is so adamant about making the installer more and more complex. They have taken a simple 2 step procedure and turned it in to some 10 step program; I know it is just 5 but I can usually unzip/sort/drag and drop with a zip before I can get a DAZ installer set to install.

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    hi, Manstan!
    it's daz content, like animals, or, say, Victoria... I used to go "through" Poser, before, but when crashing my hard disk, I lost Poser... (it's necessary to get all the precedent install disks, and I just keep poser 7, the last one, so I can't re-install)...

    usually, trough poser, I click the autoplay of the item, and "everything" was automatic... with the new catrrara beta, and daz studio wich is free, (don't want to buy once more poser), all the installs are a pain... and often, the item is impossible to find, in the new Library content of C8,5 beta!

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    Hi Celmar :)

    You don't need to have Poser or DS, to be able to install products into a folder,..

    You can create a ( Fake poser folder ) then you can point the product installers there,....

    But,.. If you've started installing products into Daz Studio,. then I'd stick with what you're doing,..

    You don't need to actually use Daz Studio,. so you don't need to be able to know how to use it, or find content in it,. as you're just using it as the way to install your Daz3D products

    Once you've installed any products into Daz Studio / Poser / or a "Fake" poser folder,

    You should be able to Add the Runtime folder ,.. into Carrara,.. and from there you're layout of libraries such as Figures / hair / poses, etc.. should al be what you're used to seeing.

    Daz Studio 4.5 has Two ways of presenting content to you,. and since it works with Poser Content, and products made for use in Daz Studio only,.. there are Two options for the Format of products,..

    Genesis, for example, is created to be used in Daz Studio,. so,. it will appear in the Content Library, under "Daz Studio formats".

    Victoria 4,. was created to work in both Poser and DS,. so,. It will appear in the Content library, under "Poser Formats"

    If you're using Carrara 8.5 beta,. and Daz Studio 4.5,. then you'll need to Open Daz Studio, (after you install all your products) to allow Daz Studio to read the product meta-data, and to add that info to the Content management Database.

    Once DSS has done that,. you can quit DS,.. open Carrara, and all the Content, and the Smart content should be there.

    Hope that make some sense, :)

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