Genesis Mavka can't use Mavka stuff?

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I just bought Mavka for Genesis. I will tell you that getting Genesis in Poser was a major challenge but apparently now I'm completely misguided... I thought if I bought Mavka for Genesis, I could use Mavka clothing and such with it. Ok, so I actually CAN use clothing but it needs a lot of tweaking and I can't use the Mavka body mats or makeup. Huh? Why would I want Mavka if i can't use... oh, let's say MAVKA stuff??? What am I missing? I'm terribly new and feel like I'm completely in over my head...

Edit: I'm regretting spending $100+ on all this genesis stuff. I was much happier without it. I'm getting VERY discouraged.

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    Mavka and Mavka for genesis, although done by the same vendor do not have the same body shape. Mavka for genesis is a morph for genesis, whereas the original Mavka is a standalone figure. THe vendor did say, when he was working on the genesis version, the she wouldn't be able to wear original Mavka clothes.

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    And Smay has been awesome in so many ways. It is more the overall concept that I'm not happy about. It isn't just Mavka. Or maybe it is a combination of things... I'm VERY new to all of this again... And once I worked out the first few kinks, I've found the Mavka character and the coordinating items work very well together. It makes the process fun and creative rather than like work... So between being new and finding the Mavka character so easy to work with, when I got all this genesis stuff, for some reason I expected it to work as easily. I'm just frustrated... Mostly because I feel like I've spent all this money when I'd really rather just have the plain V4, A4, etc... In fact, I'd MUCH rather just go back to the "plain" characters. :)

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    I'm so glad you posted about this, Cheryl, as I have Mavka Genesis in my cart and was wondering if the original Mavka's clothes would fit. After reading your message, I think I'll wait to buy it and see if I can figure out how to get other Genesis characters to work in Poser as I've already spent a lot of money on Genesis characters and have yet to produce a good render. I've even tried Daz Studio, but I'm lost. I find the Daz studio directory confusing, and I don't know how to create good lighting in the program. Everything seems to render with a major sunburn. After years of striving to perfect my renders with lighting, render settings,, etc. in Poser, I've found that I simply can't switch without starting back at square one. I too am frustrated about this new stuff and much prefer V4, etc. But, like you, I will keep trying.

    Good luck! :-)

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