Frustratingly can't find good hulk models

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I don't know why but I think I can easily find one but surprisingly I haven't found one? I dunno why and but I think I should had tried searching using the term morph but still nothing? I've tried searching here, but I mostly see low res models, and no hulk.

I'm kinda confused there are a lot of terms in Daz stud, like models, actors, people, my god so many terms.

Well my post is getting long so, can any good soul give me a me a hulk model? preferably with green skin and texture,

I've seen people made some nifty hulks, but sadly no links, and I don't think they're that generous enough to let me use theirs ):

best I've got in here is the dragon that comes with the genesis pack? I just wanna have some fun posing hulk in amazing ways.

my post got long again.


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