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When people do promo pictures they want to show off their item in the best possible way and sometimes this will show items that offend some people or that are inappropriate to be shown in certain venues IE work or with kids around. Up until now this has never been a problem with DAZ as they have never shown anything adult or violent.

Now that seems to be changing.

So why oh why can’t we have a warning or advisory picture so that you don’t open your e-mails and find something inappropriate looking at you when you are sat in an office or on the train etc.

As these days more and more employers monitor their employees and look at what they are looking at while in work I think businesses need to take this sort of thing into account.

During my lunch break I can look at my own e-mails and browse the internet however I always take into account where I am and wait until I am home to look at work inappropriate content.

So am I going to have to take DAZ off my safe to look at e-mails list? Or are they going to think and start adding appropriate warnings for those of us who open personal e-mails in places where certain types of images are not appropriate.

Now in saying that personally I love the standard of most of the promo pictures on this site, they are usually detailed and much better thought out than some of the other sites where the vendors may be good at creating products but not good at rendering pictures.

And I personally would love to see more, however here we can’t see a male figure showing how well the gens map works and we can’t see a female figure without a bikini, both of these restrictions stop vendors showing their products properly.

If the first promo picture had an advisory on it so we wouldn’t click the link in a non-appropriate place it would solve all the problems and keep everyone happy.


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    Up until now this has never been a problem with DAZ as they have never shown anything adult or violent.

    They don't have to do that to have people up in arms do they? Unless it is all buttoned up people tromp out derogatory words about women and the women who may own or wear similar clothing. If there is even the slightest hope of taking a "stand" on an issue they do it, often loudly and in a negative fashion. If it shows blood it is too gory, to much cleavage is too sexy, swords are too violent and on and on. It is an old dead horse that needs to be left alone.

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    This topic has already been aired, and required locking, here .

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