Finding textures to morphs

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When adding content to the daz studio lib, in most case it is a big hazard to finding uv's and textures together.

When adding, the files land on the most un-logical places possible. At the moment I have several texture's for witch i cannot find the uv's
and uv's for witch i cannot find the textures.

Suppliers using random naming conventions for folders and files does not help !!!!

Is there tool to reorganize this mesh ?

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    What do you mean by UVs? Templates? If so templates can go anywhere as they are not used by DS or Poser.

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    What do you mean by UVs? Templates? If so templates can go anywhere as they are not used by DS or Poser.

    Templates ? I thought templates are for creating your own textures. I mean, when you put clothes to a model, the (mostly white) thing you stick to the model first, and then applying a texture. I thought that was called a UV.

    I cleaned up a lot of mess, by consolidating all Runtime maps everywhere in the file structure to 1 map under the library root. Also consolidated "textures" an "texture" and all other folders with nearly the same names.

    I still have some textures without a uv/template. But probably this are texture only packages. Beginners mistake :-(

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    The 'white' thing...that's the mesh or model.

    UV is a mapping system that assigns the polygons in the mesh to areas and gives them 'space' that can then have textures applied to it...

    Problem with consolidating that way, you've probably broken quite a few now you'll get all sorts of warnings when loading, along with having to apply textures manually.

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    Thinking about this. Is it possible that what you mean is you have your untextured model, and you wish to apply a texture to it. In Poser (which I know) this would be done with a mat pose. Some one else will have to tell you what the equivalent is in DS and where it will be stored.

    Or is it, because you are referring to morphs, that you have used, for example, a V4 character morph and are wondering where the equivalent V4 texture set is.

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