V4 Facial Expressions and Genesis

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Hi, I've seen some V4 facial expressions at renderosity and I was wondering if anyone knows if they work on Genesis?


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    No, they won't work on Genesis. These will though.

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    Thanks, the ones at Rendo were some particularly expressions, but ty for taking the time to reply :)

    I was wondering since one can use v4/m4 poses on Genesis (with slight adjustments sometimes) so if it isn't using custom morphs it seems like one should be able to use v4/m4 expressions.

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    I've heard that since expressions are morphs of the face, not poses, that GenX can be used to transfer them. I haven't tried it myself yet, though.

    Which ones were you looking at over at Rendo, out of curiosity? I've been looking for some expression packs myself.

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    Thank you that is a good point I didn't think of.

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