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Hi there,

I try to buy some things but my problem is that I can't buy everything I want. Sometimes i get a message from Paypal that this payment not work.

Is it possible that some merchants here on this site dont accept paypal payments? I have more than enough on my paypal account and sometimes it works and sometimes not. So is it possible that some merchants just accept creditcards ?

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    Your payment goes to DAZ company and DAZ then sends it to the respective merchant. So you only directly deal with DAZ when you buy here. DAZ accepts PayPal payments, but sometimes when you try to check-out and pay for the goods, you might experience a problem similar to the one you described. This is not fault of PayPal or one of the merchants, it is fault of the Magento software that DAZ uses in the web store. I got such a message twice already during check-out - but I simply tried to check-out again right away and the second time everything went without any problem. If that does not work for you, try to wait a while and try again in one hour or two, and if even that fails, contact Support.

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