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hi guys, sorry to be a bore with newbie problems but I bought the Gothika Mirror today for a piece i've been wanting to create for ages. i've been using daz for a long time but i've never had to do a reflection before.. I found a tutorial online:

in this case i selected the gothika mirror, went to surfaces tab, selected all the mirror parts that should reflect (i lowered the transparacy temporarilly just to make sure i had the right parts selected) and then applied the settings from the tutorial. but no matter what I do I can't get them to reflect anything!

Heres what I get:

just a quick render (well actually not quick it took a while as if it was trying to calculate reflections.. but obviously failing) to show - why is this happening? :(

Thanks for your help!


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    Do you have an image applied to Reflection colour? If so you need to remove it. If not, please post a screen shot showing your settings. Also please post a screenshot of your Advanced Render Settings.

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    I was about to pose a thread about mirroring an object, when I saw this one.
    It's not about reflections, but still about mirroring ;)
    I am trying to copy/paste an item and then mirroring it (it's a bracelet with a non-symmetrical form).
    Trying copy/pasting andsometimes I get the item pasted and sometimes it won't (really odd).
    Is it possible to make a mirrored copy?

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    richard: thanks! there WAS textures set for the reflection (seems weird, I didnt set them!)

    its now reflecting properly (although only a third of its rendered so far, haha)

    this is interesting though. What is the purpose of the reflection texture and how do you use it properly? I was going to have a different like.. erm.. background? i guess, in each mirror, a fake reflection if you will - with a real reflection on top. I guess i'll do it in photoshop but originally i assumed i could set a texture there for it (or maybe just use a diffuse?)

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    This thread discusses some about reflections in general...

    But a 'reflection map' is a 'faked' tells 3Delight to use the image as if it were the environment instead of calculating the reflections based on what is actually in the scene (environment). It's often used for metal and such to get it nice and shiny without the high cost (render time) of doing it 'for real'.

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