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Alternative for porting to Luxrender?
Posted: 17 November 2012 02:56 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi guys. We all know the Luxrender + DAZ3D can yield awesome renders. The problem lies in how to connect them

*Sigh*, I know there is a very popular plugin called Reality 2.5 or so, for this purpose. But it’s for 17$-50$....and being a student I just can’t afford that.
So I’ll just ask the community, is there any FREE alternative for Luxrender integration in Daz3D?


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There’s LuxRenderDS, but it’s for DAZ Studio 3 and will not work with DAZ Studio 4.

And of course there’s also the free LuxBlend for Blender which is not as convenient but nevertheless a viable option if you’re motivated enough.


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