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Hello. I am a returning Poser user, I haven't used Poser for somewhere between 5-8yrs. So I am familiar with the main different figures (Michael, Victoria, & Aiko being my main experience) and that some objects like clothing (conforming, no experience with dynamic) only work for say V4 but others like hair can fit V4 & A3. I worked with Poser 5 and was only a novice, medium skill at best.

I am confused by "Genesis" and the "DSON Importer"... I no longer have my old files so am starting from scratch and am confused. I don't know what would be buying two of essentially the same thing. For instance would I only need one of the Victoria figures below to fit both female Genesis clothes and traditional Victoria items?

Genesis Victoria Michael Bundle

Victoria 5 Base

I also don't understand what clothing etc listed as "for Genesis" if that means any figure can wear it-- for instance a dress "for Genesis" and I have something like the link below and for both Victoria and Aiko for Genesis (like the first like above) would it fit both figures?

Female Genesis Dress

Are there cases I would need to purchase the Victoria for Genesis and the plain Victoria? Why would I need the DSON Importer? Does any of this make it easier for clothing the fit on different forms than it was intended -- like a dress either listed as "for genesis" or "for V4" can be made to fit A4, H5, M4, The Girl, and Koshini.

Actually if Poser is not listed for an item (see Female Genesis Dress link above as example) but DAZ Studio is does that mean it would still work for Poser?
I have a new top-of-the-line laptop with win 8 dedicated just for Poser , purchased Poser 9 and am itching to set everything up and use it! :)

I hope I made my questions clear, I had difficulty even knowing what to ask :-/ If I've missed something important about Genesis please feel free to include it. If not can someone point me in the direction of "for dummies"—like tutorial or something on the Genesis-Poser apparent overlapping of figures please? Not a forum please, I don't have the attention span :) :P

Thanks for your time
Castle Cat


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    Yes, the DSON importer is required for Poser 9 onwards.

    Only DSON products will work with the importer.

    Vendors and DAZ are busy updating/converting products to DSON.

    If you can't wait for a product to be converted then you can create the necessary files with DAZ Studio yourself.

    Within Studio, Genesis can use V4/M4 textures and will try to fit V4/M4 clothing without the need to purchase anything.
    Any items added to one Genesis figure then become available to all figures based on Genesis!

    Genesis via the DSON importer can't quite do everything Genesis can do in Studio... yet.

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    Genesis was made for Daz Studio 4 (Daz Studio is free), weight mapping in Daz Studio and Poser are different so an importer is required for Genesis to work in Poser.

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    Hi Castle_Cat

    Genesis is the next step in figure evolution,. it is a unimesh figure which can be Male. or Female, or a gorilla, troll, freak, child, etc..
    All in a single figure.

    There's some new technology in the figure (triax -weightmappng) and in Daz Studio (auto fit) which can reshape the clothing to fit the shape of the figure, so, ALL genesis clothing, will fit ALL possible genesis figure shapes.

    It's more complex to try to explain it,. so the best advice is to download Daz Studio pro, and the gesis starter essentials, and play with the controls to see what genesis can do.

    There are (Iconic figure shapes) for genesis, which allow you to change the shape of genesis into V4, M4, A4, etc or V3, M3. aiko etc..

    so,.. if you're starting from scratch,.. there's no real "need" for V4, M4, although they're still very useful figures.

    The Iconic Shapes also provide the base shape for "Auto-fit" to use as a conversion shape when you're using older clothing items on genesis, the older clothes will be converted, and morphs will be added, so that the old clothes fit the genesis figure, and will adjust to any changes in it's shape.

    Genesis also has changeable UV sets in Daz Studio, so, you can use skin textures made for older figures like V4, M4., or any new textures designed for genesis , V5. M5 etc..

    Hope it helps :)

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