V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis + Genesis Generation X

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I've seen some characters on Renderosity that I'm interested in. They require Victoria 4.2 and V4 Morphs++. I was going to purchase V4.2 and the V4 Morphs++, but then I discovered V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis and Genesis Generation X. If I were to purchase V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis & Genesis Generation X would I be able to use the characters I found on Renderosity on Genesis without V4.2 and the V4 Morphs++ or do I need to have those as well to use the characters I found on Renderosity?


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    If I am not mistaken, I think you do actuality require the main figure and morphs to be able to transfer them to Genesis.

    In this case, V4 and the morphs++

    Same would go if you get character morphs for M4 etc...

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    With GenX you can get many to most V4 morphs transferred the Genesis...but to transfer them, you need to have them. Which pretty much means that yes, you need at least the Morphs++ (I'm not 100% sure, but I think the basic morphs are included in the Iconic Shapes) to go along with the shapes. Of course, then you'll need the characters on top of that...with no guarantee that the character morphs will transfer (95++% they will...but).

    If you don't already have Gen4 figures and morph packs, it's going to be a lot more expensive to convert them to Genesis, which means you'd probably be better off sticking to Genesis content. If you have a large library of Gen4 stuff and the morph packs...it's a fairly cheap/easy way to do it.

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    Thanks for the help. Since DAZ is having the 50% off sale, I just purchased all the morphs for V4 and M4. That way I can download characters for Genesis, Victoria 4 and Micheal 4. It turns out I already had the base mesh for V4 and M4 from previous versions of Daz Studio I had installed in the past. I just needed to add the Metadata for them. Next purchases will be Victoria 5 and Micheal 5 and the Muscle Morphs for Genesis.

    Does DAZ typically have a sale similar to the one now closer to Christmas or is this it for the year? Also, in the past a body suite was needed for V4 and M4, will the autofit feature in DAZ Studio Pro 4.5 allow me to purchase one body suite to use for Genesis, V4 and M4?

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