My first ever 3D model - Shop cabinet (Bryce 7)

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Hi everyone!

I have never thought that I will ever shared my own model as 3D model creation seems not so easy. But earlier today I got the urge to do something simplistic and told myself, "It's now or never"! And here it is a few hours later. Please pardon the quality as it is really a first try! :ohh:

I have created the shop cabinet in Bryce with simple blocks. Including is fabric rolls also created in Bryce. All the textures are included in Bryce 7. It is in a Bryce 7.1 scene format.

You can download it from my blog:

ShareCG link:

I hope you can use it! :)



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    Thanks. Laura!!! Freebies for Bryce specifically are few and farther in-between.

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    I REALLY need to get Bryce reinstalled and play with it - this looks just lovely! Thanks :)

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    thankyou. im always looking for new freebies for bryce :-)

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    Hope you included an obj version

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    Elowan said:

    Hope you included an obj version

    Oh dear, I haven't done an obj version of this model and saved it purely as a Bryce format where it was originally created. After Elowan's note, I went back to the Bryce model but can't export the object (model) in any way as the option is grayed out for exporting. I am only learning and this was my first try ever. Spacebones gave me also some good advice as Bryce not been a program for modeling but only developed for landscapes. Next time I will try any new models in Hexagon but that program I haven't used up to now for anything and will have to learn it's workings from scratch first! Hopefully I will get the hang of it and can then do the buildings too I want to do which Bryce can't do. So hold your thumbs please! :ohh:

    Thank you also for the compliments of all who can use the model in Bryce itself.

    Have a great time!

    Kind regards,


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