Victoria 5 Pro bundle tries to install to drive that doesn't exist

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I am still trying to install the Victoria 5 Pro Bundle to use with Daz Studio 4.5.
Everytime I try to install a component from the bundle, the installer tries to install the software to a folder on a drive that does not exist.
The path it tries to install to is "I:/oldpc/Program Files/Daz/Studio/resources" then
"I:/oldpc/Program Files/DAZ/Studio/resources/ContentMapFiles

My computer does not have and I: drive and more so, no I: with the above mentioned paths.
What the heck is going on?


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    The path must have been stored in your settings some how - just select the correct path for your system by clicking the folder icon next to the path box (on most installers)

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    I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled Daz Studio 4.5 using all default paths, but I still get the I: problem when I try to install Victoria 5 using either the default path or a different path.

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    The last used path is stored, and somehow it was set to point to that location - just change it in the installer: For a recent installer, which the V5 products should be, you want to select the Customise option, then Specify a path, then click the folder icon to pick the destination (My Library, if you accepted the default).

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