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I must me dumb as or Howie Farkes Country lane 2 is SOOOOOOOOOOOO laggy on my computer
(the reason for wanting a motion path in the first place)
but how do you move the points you plotted along the road for the camera from the top view up and down?
using the convert icon it just moves wildly the only other option being to move the whole path.
got the pdf manual open but none the wiser
can I plot it just on the road with the rest of the scene deleted then save it and import it?
do I save the camera, or a cbr file for the camera and apply it. I never have luck with either,
do I save it as a scene and import it?


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    yes deleting EVERYTHIING but the road worked.
    I can now move the points.
    still the save import question and using side view the translate wildely on the xy axis too I just want to move them up and down.

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    Over 4 years ago I put in a request through the bug tracker to add an XYZ gizmo to the motion path controllers. It was assigned (4 years ago) - but still nothing.
    Bug tracker # 27082. It should be available soon!

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    HI Wendy :)

    If you select the main group of "Vegetation" and make it invisible,. then the scene is much easier to work with.
    just remember to make it visible again when you're ready to render

    For the motion path ,...

    You can use the little Grid options tool on the side tool-bar, to select either the vertical plane's , which will restrict the motion to Up/Down,/left right, and up,down / front,back, or the horizontal plane for left right / front back

    it's also useful to switch to the Quad vies, so you can see the front, top, left and camera views when you're moving the motion path.


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    ah, thx Andy, I did not know about the grid function tool
    just thought working in front or side view would restrict it but ended up with such a mess I just keyframed camera along the road only in the scene instead..
    my camera movevents not nice and smooth like a path though but after 20 hours rendering not redoing it.
    will be usefull in future though.
    I must use paths more.

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