How do I install the Victoria 5 Pro Bundle. I have Daz Studio 4.5

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I have Daz Studio 4.5 installed......but how do I install the Victoria 5 Pro Bundle so that it appears for use in Daz Studio?


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    HI srandy :)

    Each product in the Bundle, will have it's own installer,. once it's downloaded to your computer, you can double click the product to install it.
    Each product (installer) has a number of screens with a licence agreement, and the ability to Choose where you want to install the contents.

    This is normally something like C:\users\(your-name)\My Documents\Daz3D\Studio4
    for a default installation.

    You can install the products to another drive, as long as you tell Daz Studio where you're Library folder is located.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Point the installers to the folder you selected as a content directory - by default that's \DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library in your Documents folder. If you want the content to appear in Smart Content you will need to let DS import the metadata when it prompts you (on the next application launch).

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    Which do I install first in the bundle? I get some errors about dependancies when running some of the installers?

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    It does not matter which order you install as long as they are installed to the same place as the Genesis base figure.

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    Did you install the Genesis Starter Essentials? You need the base Genesis to use V5 and M5.

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