Require basic info on figure types available for downloading.

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I am returning to Poser work after a long period of absence. My last experience was with Poser Pro which I found easy to use and most enjoyable. I am now trying to become familiar with Poser 6 and Poser 8. Since Poser Pro, the basic figures then available have changed, and although the new programme versions have updated figures avaiable, the basic information is to say the least, vague, Whereas once the figures were free-standing in their own right, now most appear to be linked with a basic figure that is required to be initially installed prior to installation of the finished character.
New basic figure seem to be constantly available, but I have yet to find a logical explanation that tells me why
I would be most grateful if some knowledgable person could please explain :
Are freestanding figures no longer available. ?
Am I correct in saying that all figures now must have the basic figure first installed prior to adding any character.?


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    For P6 and P8 the latest figures that will work are the Gen 4 figures. The base figures are V4 (Victoria 4) M4 (Michael 4) and K4 (Kids 4)

    ANd yes you will need these before you add anything extra for them They each have a morphs++ pack, which can be used to create new characters, and are often essential for many character sets that are sold in the store hear, or indeed elsewhere.

    Genesis is actually the newest edition the the Daz Figure Family, but can only be used in Poser 9 or Poser 2012. with the DSON importer.

    Genesis can of course be used with Daz Studio 4.5, which is currently available at 100% discount.

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    Thanks Chohole for your reply which answered my query very precisely. Now at last I will be able (hopefully) to make some process. Would like to comment if I may that quite often with any excellent programme such as DAZ 3d or Poser, as it progresses and improves, the very basic information seems to be quietly forgotten, even though this basic stuff is still vital in order to make any further progress. I have recently purchased a number of manuals on Poser 8 and 9, and not one of them informs the reader about the basic figure requirement mentioned here.
    How can a 'newbie' be expected to become knowledgeably efficient with the latest version, unless he is instructed initially in the basic requirements ? Thanks once again for the assistance.

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    Well actually, here in the DAZ 3D forums we now have a new set of forums, designed especially for New Users.

    Here you can ask as many questions as you wish. The people there are there to help you and any other people who may want to start from the basics, and is a very friendly place to hang out and learn.

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