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Please some help with the following:

I recently purchased Xenon by Aery soul at the Daz store. When i went to render the helmet in Daz Studio much to my surprise the front blue glasses which are included in the helmet could not be seen in the final render. This buggles my mind...because as you can see in the comparison that rendering in poser shows the glasses but strangely enaugh rendering in Studio does not show the glasses!...
why is this?...

thanks for viewing.

Link to product:


790 x 392 - 120K
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    I don't see any materials for DAZ Studio mentioned in the Product Page. This is how it used to be years ago, and DS users had to 'tweak' the mats to get them to look correct inside DAZ Studio.

    Select the glass (lenses) for the goggles with the Surface Selection tool, then go into the Surfaces pane, and have a look at the Opacity slider, and the Diffuse channel as well. You may need to tweak all of the mats a bit as there don't seem to be any DS optimised materials.

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