stephanie pro and starter bundle need 70%OFF too!! why not!!

kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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both of DAZ products. and other every character bundle of DAZ, seems to 70%OFF
so must need 70%OFF!!
do not forget to correct them!! @@;


  • Canary3dCanary3d Posts: 1,788
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    Stephanie is one of the newer releases, so she may not be old enough yet to go on sale.

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  • SpyroRueSpyroRue Posts: 5,009
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    Hiro 5 is 70% off :S

  • quickxoticaquickxotica Posts: 0
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    Seriously DAZ, May we have the Steph 5 Pro Bundle (or suite) at 70% off ! PRETTY PLEASE?!?

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,511
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    Daz_Kevin said in another thread they are going to remove Hiro and add stephanie since Hiro is too new but steph is not.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    Hehehehehe ^^;

    actually ,, about this case,, I understand,, aleready,,stephanie bundle has not only people ,
    clothings too,,but,, I see HIro 5,, so,, if I request,, muhuuuuuu,,

    ,, I just hope,, if,, if,, DAZ men hear my request ^^;

    muhumuhumuu ,,

    now I believe someone thanks to me in his hert ^^; not? or DAZ planed to change the price,
    without request,, I believe so^^;

    anyway I need to thanks DAZ sale,,(about this case%-P) sorry,, I t is better,,
    just need to say thank much~~;? I love daz,, believe [email protected]@;

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