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Genesis UV Maps
Posted: 15 November 2012 11:17 PM   [ Ignore ]
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There are 5 different UV maps for the Genesis figures, right? K4 M4 V4 GenMale GenFemale.

But when I load a Genesis Male figure the UV set is an M4 one, likewise the Genesis female is a V4.

When I’m creating texture maps for the Genesis figures should I be using the legacy UV maps or should I use the Genesis UV maps? Is there an advantage of one over the other?

Also, is it possible to create your own UV map for a Genesis figure? If I wanted to create a map that had all the epidermal surfaces as a single UV map file would that be a possibility, or am I stuck using those 5 UV maps?

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Actually there are more - there’s also Hitomi and Hiro 5, the Gorilla, Mountain Troll, Troll Tobiaas, Natu plus a few others I believe.
You can swap UV maps easily the Genesis male probably loads with the M4 UV as when Genesis was released people already had M4 textures and the same with the Genesis female.
It should be possible to create your own UV but I don’t know how, alot of new characters come with new UV’s.

The advantages I think are that especially with characters like the Gorilla it prevents stretching and the textures fit alot better, often the eyebrows of a M4 texture don’t quite look exactly right on a M5 morphed Genesis for example.

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The textures your using are low res samples of the V4 and M4 Elite textures, so they have to use the V4 & M4 UV’s, and afaik the basic male & female UV’s haven’t been used by anyone.


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Not all applications have the ability to Swap UV’s for a figure in the scene (on the fly) as Daz Studio does.

in Poser, or Carrara, you would load the Basic male or Basic female genesis figure,. to use V4/M4 textures on that model.
the same principle applies to the other main figures.