has smart content ever cacked out on you?

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first I must sheepishly admit
Iam not using the latest beta.
the one before.
sometimes when clicking too soon, the ominous "an error has occured" will rear its ugly head.
from this point of no return, smart content is no longer assesable to Genesis and attempting to scroll will freeze Carrara and it will white out to never regain conciousness.
here is the odd bit
one can often select another tab such as shaders, objects or even content library and continue working on the scene after
"an error has occured"
but if you go back into smart content it is blank and you risk freezing Carrara for good clicking therein.
but oddly
you can with Genesis selected, NOT with the smart content tab open. go to file import and find a .duf or dsa and the clothing item or texture will apply with the use existing figure dialogue coming up in a small box.
it is as if all is still working manually loading file wise but the content manager which recognizes what you have selected has cacked out.

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