Tanning or Shading of Skin Texture Maps - HELP Can't find it.

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A while back I saw a program that would allow for the tanning or darking in levels of shading for skin texture. I can't find that program. Does anyone know where or what the name of that program is so that I may find it again? Any assistance will be greatly apreciated. Thanks loads.


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    Dimension 3d has a product called "perfect tan line" that uses python scripting to put a tan (with lines) on people - that's for Poser.

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    Now also available for DS3 or DS4:



    (but possibly not immediately for DS4.5 - "... because of a bug in Layered Image Editor..." ).

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    Thanks guys, but that's not it. I saw the program linked above but I don't want tan lines. I want to darken the skin texture maps. I know I saw it somewhere but I can't find it. I may be able to use this program and just cover the person with clothing but I was hoping to find that program. This does help. Thanks.

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    You could potentially just darken the base colour in the diffuse channel.

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    227,227,227 > 227.226,198 > 215,227,205 > 227,212,188 > 141,132,117

    Each of those RGB colors will darken a Caucasian skin texture, the first gives a lightly tanned color, each color gets progressively darker with the last one giving a dark brown skin tone, the middle three also add a "tint" for Oriental/Arabic etc.

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