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animation compressor
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Hi, which animation compressor do you recommend? Lots of choices, not sure which one to choose. Raw avi’s are very big!

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Better to be big an uncompressed to start. Always choose AVI for Windows or Animation for Mac.

I use MPEG Streamclip from Squared5.

Mac version’s very robust, lots of settings, very good output, ability to tailor presets.


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VP6 can work pretty well. On2, the original developer is gone, but you can get it here:

EDIT: That VP6 link appears to be a decompressor only. I just installed it and it does not show up as an output option

VP6 is also built into WildForm’s Flix utilities for converting various video formats to Flash:

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I’m using:
- rendering to frames combined using VirtualDub (better render several frames than rerender the whole animation when something goes wrong or you just want to stop the rendering in the middle)
- lossless codec like Lagarith or HuffYUV if you want to edit the animation later
- x264 if you want to put the file on YT or Vimeo
- Xvid if you want to open your animation everywhere (standalone, mobile, older systems etc.)