Putting Genesis Head on top of a nother figure

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I want to make an animation that places lip - synched genesis heads on top of several animal figures.
Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

My current thought is to lip synch Genesis in carrara, then hide everything but the head, then parent that to the head the animal figure's neck and hide the animal's head.

Didn't know if hiding most of a figure's geometry means Carrara doesn't have to do as much calculating - or if you actually need to delete the geometry to get that benefit - and didn't know if deleting genesis' body would mess up the lip synch or create any parenting problems.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Hi Mosk :)

    Hiding things is easier, quicker, and safer than editing the geometry
    You could also adjust the shaders to be transparent.

    Carrara's would still be calculating the mesh, but, as far as the working (open-GL) view, and the renderer is concerned, if it's invisible it doesn't get calculated.

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