Carrara 8.5 Beta i/o errors

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I am finding loads of i/o errors,when i either try to import a .duf scene into carrara beta, pz3's seem to import better.
Is this a bug the developmentteam are aware of, and will be get chance to try out the fixes before they release it as a full version?

Very few daz shaders or presets lights will import without giving the same error. it doesnt seem to be consistent, but more of a random thing.


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    HI Tears,.

    While you should be able to import dressed figures in a Duf scene from DS 4.5, some things like Uberenvironment or DS specific (plug-in) features, will not transfer across,.

    Duf materials and poses should also open through the browser, and the menu FILE / IMPORT.
    if you select a genesis figure in Carrara, and then go to file import, and select a Duf material preset, it should load and convert the shader / textures..

    some of the current shader issues may be resolvable, but Carrara's shader engine is not the same as Daz Studio's or Posers shader engine,. so it's impossible to translate all the possible shaders function from either.

    Normally if you Import anything, there's some work to be done to make that item work in the program you're importing into. and with Carrara, you normally need to adjust some settings in the shaders, to make them work better.

    Loading Genesis and clothing from the browser, is much easier than making scenes in Daz Studio, and then importing them to Carrara.

    If you have scenes in DUF, which repeatedly give you an error, please fill out a bug report. (see beta thread)


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