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Yes I bought the iconic shapes a while back. I had them in the autofit in studio, I have since expunged studio from my comp, all that is left is genesis in the studio "my library". I don't have these shapes in autofit in carrara and reinstalling them to my library had no effect.

So is this a bug or yet another case of DAZ trying to force me to use CMS?


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    They show up for me while CMS isn't running.

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    I don't have them as an option in C8.5's autofit menu. But I may have figured out the problem while mowing, just in for a brake and to check.
    Yup, the mil3 figures are in genesis not auto fit. No wonder genesis is a huge file. It's carrying around all the autofit models in it. :long:

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    What file are you talking about? The clones used by auto-fit are in data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\DAZ 3D\

    Carrara does take a long time to load Genesis especially compared to DAZ Studio.

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    They aren't in the autofit menu for the genesis figure I have preset in carrara. They are there if I load genesis from my library.
    I'll do some further checking but the mil3 figures are not in the autofit menu for my genesis figures saved in carrara. As in old preset genesis I have been using for a while in carrara.

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    Okay I see now. I think DAZ Studio has or used to have the same issue.

    Based on the file size I guess Carrara saved all installed morphs with the figure when I dropped Genesis into the browser. Not good, I hope this goes away when they implement saving as DUF.

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    Hi Stan :)

    When you add any new figures or morph packs to the base genesis figure in DS,. then from that point on, any new genesis figure you add to a scene will have all the available shape variations included,. so you don't need to inject or remove morphs any more.

    If you load a figure in Carrara, then save it to the Carrara browser,. you're really just saving the scene with genesis in it,.
    As Araneldon mentions, this also happens in DS, when you save a scene, you're saving the genesis figure "as it is"
    so, if you load that scene again,. then the figure will be the same,. it won't update itself with any new morphs added to the program.

    If the CMS is switched off, then you don't get the advantage of the automatically updated smart content display, depending on what figure, or item you've got selected in the scene.

    It only deals with Daz3D products which contain Meta-data,. and any other products you may have are ignored completely.

    The CMS is the smart content supplier, which reads the database of product meta-data, and updates the smart content displayed in carrara. and it's a HUGE timesaver.

    You select a shirt or dress in the instance list, and the shaders for that item are right there for you in the smart content.
    no need to browse through any folders.

    If you're still stuck on the possibility of privacy issue when using the CMS, "possibly communicating with external systems".
    Disconnect your internet cable from your computer.

    The cost in staff time of tracing user products, which " potentially " could be being used without a licence ,... is more than the cost of the product. that's would be a pointless use of a really useful technology.


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    Actually, part of the 'inflation' in file size is the fact that DS is using a compressed Genesis file that it inflates on the guess is that for other apps, it's uncompressed.

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    Genesis.dsf decompressed is still only 7 megabytes, while the figure saved from Carrara is over 60 MB.

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    Oh 3DAGE you know I don't work that way.

    But the reason I want to use V3 stuff is for further soft cloth testing on genesis, and V3 stuff tends to be lower poly.

    So far so good, but I still have serious issues with the way blouses and such are converted around the breasts. I've seen blouses look tucked in :bug:

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