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I just wanted to throw out how much fun Daz really is when you learn what you can do with it. This rendering is of a convention center I put together to be used in a series. The "building" is the Room Creator double layered to match the height of the McLean Town Hall which is inside the "building", and then I made Room wide enough to create a corridor hallway to the side of the Town, (where the door on the side is of the Hall). And by 'hiding' some of the wall of Room I was able to keep the Hall door entry. And all outside walls were remapped with the Stone2 from McLean exterior texture so they would match. The overhang is the ceiling from Room Creator, thickened way up in the Yscale. And then added the simple ballards from McLean Streets. The Convention sign again is the ceiling, surfaced with a sign I created in Illustrator and cropped in Photoshop. The driveway under the overhang again is the McLean Streets, I just added the path map from the Suburban House to give it the look. The desert look, is the Dysotopia Skydome, I just changed the ground plane to a picture of the beach sand in Venice, California.
You can do anything. And since discovering how I can change the diffuse on any object in Daz I can create just about anything.Still trying to figure out Bryce to bring in palm trees around the building. And maybe a fountain in front. Daz really brings out my creativity.

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