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So, I'm experimenting with rigging and weight maps and I have a question about erasing weight maps.

I've got a little overspray happening with some of my weight maps, how do I erase it from areas. I see a paint brush and a smooth brush, but no eraser.


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    Hold down the Alt(Win)/Opt(Mac) key - you can see, and adjust, the shortcuts in the Customise dialogue - Window>Workspace>Customise in 4.5.

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    sometimes it need , fist coloared more with weight map,, to delete the weight ,,

    1 more coloerd with holding "ctrl" key ,(soft coloer ,,I think)
    the area where you want to delete,

    2 then use "alt" key holding , use brush tools then delete the area.

    or I sometimes

    1 select the poligons , (need change tools to poligon group editor first,,) by rasso or drug mode.
    then return to weight map tool.

    right click on the 3d window, then " fill the selected faces" by "weight 0 %"

    after that,, delete the coloerd area (around border may still keep some weight)
    by "ctrl" and " alt" to adjust.

    if you need check,,right click ,3d view, then change weight display mode,, "weight veritces"
    it tell you where you remain the weight more clear. I often coler weight ,, another area ^^;

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    Thanks gang!

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