Orion1167 is Back!!!

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And we've just released Sylvanna for Genesis.

We have a whole line up of brand new products coming right at you throughout the next year and on. So don't miss out.

Check her out here.


Cheers~ ;-P


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  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 5,544
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    Nice to see you back.
    Your Azusa outfit is still one of my favorites.

    Do you plan on doing anything a bit more male orientated.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    I have waited you TT) yes,, I noticed when check your page,, 50%OFF and you made new products for genesis.

    I hope if you make more and more prodcut for genesis !!

    I do not like auto-fit V4 clothings for genesis. but,,, your products are so interesting.

    and I know some user (in my country) mentioned about your quality in his sight,
    have detail and morphs, and imagination. @@;

    of course I like many other vendors too, and buy products (for genesis!!)
    not mention here,,

    but I requested before ,, please give me olion bundle for genesis!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK,, this time,, I buy some products which is made for V4,, because I feel happy.

    because you have not made many new genesis product yet.
    hey,, please make more and more new Eleane,, Chaos seed,, Dark elf , charrorine swim suits
    Gear Punk,, or,,, new character for SF, RPG, etc for genesis!!!!!!!!!!

    (of course,, Sylvanna for Genesis is now in my shopping cart,, but there are some question,
    about daz discount ticket,, so I wait it the problem clear,,^^; please keep the sale price while this month,.,.
    can not you @@;? )

    Svana, Andromedas of course I have bought already.

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  • Thadeus72Thadeus72 Posts: 343
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    excellent !

    how long is going to be at 50%

  • anikadanikad Posts: 1,916
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    Ends today at midnight mst according to the newsletter.

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,511
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    I agree Genesis stuff would be great. But please put morphs in them too, a lot of the genesis content from various vendors doesn't come with movement morphs like they used to.

    Your stuff is really great so good to see you back. Even your old stuff is used a lot so I never knew you were gone ;)

  • TraceSLTraceSL Posts: 246
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    Don't forget V4 content, please!

  • TercelTercel Posts: 78
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    Nice to see you back.
    Your Azusa outfit is still one of my favorites.

    Do you plan on doing anything a bit more male orientated.

    I have that question as well? I have several of your products and would love to see something for M4 or M5. On a completely different note, do you plan to sell your character morphs again? I seem to recall you had several V3 and/or V4 morphs at another store and they disappeared before I had a chance to do more than gush over them; despite the move to 5th generation and Genesis, I still think those characters were fabulous and you'd definitely have a customer here.

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,511
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    Hope to see more like this http://www.daz3d.com/shop/new-releases/alice-redemption

    Comes with poses and a gun. Even has some clothing poses and a pose to hold the gun. Nice.

    I recently got a product that didn't come with a pose to hold the weapon I'm not being funny when I mention it's included. Hope it does well.

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