Cat Character by Valea

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When loading this character for Genesis, I get a message saying that a dsf is missing from a /data/Michelle/ directory.

When trying to load the cat hair, I get a similar message and all it loads is a cylindrical primitive on the figure's head!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


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    It didn't get installed into a sub-folder of your content directory? Unless there's been an update that broke it it was correctly packaged, at least for WIndows, as I was able to install and load it.

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    I found the hair in the /Hair folder of my Poser formats /My Library.
    The folder that is installed in the figures/ folder is 'cat' which has two sub folders 'Cat Hair Genesis' and 'Cat V5'

    I did not customise the location of the install in any way.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Its workable, just a bit messy.

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    You did install the core files, as well as the Poser Companion Files? The CFs are just a copy of the library files (like the Cr2 etc. for Poser), with a Poser library file that runs the Python script to run the importer (and possibly to set materials for Poser) - the core installer has the equivalent of the geometry files and the textures. Edit: sorry, that is t DS anyway. I thought the DS files for Cat went in the DS content library, not Poser (before I moved mine).

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    I hadn't, but I went back and installed the DSON file. Basic error but all sorted now. Thanks for your help.

    The Daz Studio format folders now have all the required icons.

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