new shape request about "Actual Hair for genesis"

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I bought last month "Actual Hair for genesis" this is not complain,, but request I hope..

( if other user know other way to change bang parts and hair line shape,,
tell me please,,)

this hair can set many style and have beautiful materials,, so I like this products,
but I want improve about base shape and opacity map of base.

(there are some parts whiich compose the full hair, and "base" parts are
nearest to skin parts and decide forhead shape,, )

because the border of hair and skin," hair line" are too large for me,, pic 1
so I think if she will need wig,, or hair implant ^^;

of course it is only my feeling, but I thought I might change the border shape
more narrow ,,,.
but there is no moprh or other preset for change the base parts.

I tweaked,, then try to remake opacity texture of base,, then adjust,, pic 2.

but it is not good,,(I used gimp,, I understand,, I have no post work skill,, ^^;)

then,, I hope if MindVision make new material and shape sets for acutual hair
which can apply some base shape and change border shape.

(there have been morph to move the border part to right, to left, already.
but the size may not change,,)

only the parts of bang and forhead is not have varietion.. I think
(so the pics of actual hair )( toxic for actual hair too,,)seems same looking around the forhead.

around the forhead , the style has not variety .because base shape is fix and decided the looking by opacity texture,, I think..
I want more and more varietion to change the bangs and around forhead shape.,,

if it will be sold in daz shop,, I must buy it.:coolsmile:
so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make it @@;

400 x 400 - 63K
400 x 400 - 63K
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