bryce 7.0 not working on my MacbookAir Intel Core 2 Duo

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Hi everyone

I "bought" the free version of DAZ Studio and Bryce 7 and followed each step for the install.

My problem is located on Bryce only.
When i enter the SERIAL i got (or any else found on the internet btw) the program crashes every time !

Is it a know issue ou something i can fix ?

Thanks !


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    Bryve 7 does not work on Lion as far as I know. Which OS are you using?

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    the last one : Mountain Lion

    do we know if Daz teams are working on improving it ?

    i could try to install another OS on a partition maybe.. don't know actually


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    Some have got Bryce working by using bootcamp.

    I could go into all the details about Macs and Bryce, but it has been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere.

    Basically Bryce 7 came out before Apple released OS X 7. THe dev cycle was wrapped up before Apple released it, even.

    DAZ has said that when Bryce comes back into the dev cycle then they are hoping to see if they can get Bryce to work in the newer Mac OS Xs.

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    Time for me to figure out how to set this up.

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