Er... (not actually an autofit problem)

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Okay. Here's what I get when I fit a M4 jacket to M4 Genesis.

Unfortunately, that's also what I get when I load it onto M4.

Now this is what I used to get when loading the WIndy Wizard robe, and thought that was because it was a refit of the Apollo Maximus robe. None of which really matters, because it doesn't answer the question; how the hell do you get the sleeves to conform to the arms?

I could probably zero the sleeves and have them sort of match up, but I'd hate to count on that enableing them to follow a pose.

The outfit isn't that old. It's RP's Zoot Suit, which came out maybe a year and a half ago. And I've seen it used in renders, so *somebody* figured it out.

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    Did you click on the "fit to" already? Then select Genesis and auto-fit pops up and asks what figure it was intended for . . . ?

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    Zero the pose - Poser ignores any pose when an item is conformed, so some people apply a pose to the clothing (so it looks more interesting when loaded alone? left-overs from the setup? I don't know) but DS doesn't, so you get that kind of issue. Clearing the pose will clear it, and it will conform properly (unless, of course, you've found a new issue).

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    Okay, how do I clear the pose. Just go through the whole thing selecting parts and zeroing everything?Can I expect it to follow a pose after I've done it? Will give it a shot.

    (Penname: Yup, hit 'fit to', and told it it was an M4 item. When that didn't work told it it was a different kind of item. When none of them worked, I brought in M4 loaded it on him and bedamned if it didn't do the same thing.)

    ETA: well that turned out to be painless. zeroing the shoulders snapped it right into place and it followed the pose as well as anything built for Genesis.

    Thanks. I'll expect that from time to time. It's an easy fix, but the situation doesn't inspire confidence.

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    You will find the Zero Pose function (amoung others) in the Parameter, Shaping and Posing Pane Options Box. Every Pane has has this small strided options boxes. It is amzing what you find when you go digging. :)

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    You don't need to zero each bone - in the Parameters pane option menu (click the button in the top corner, or right-click the Tab) there's a zero sub menu that includes Zero Figure Pose. (There's also a Restore sub-menu, but that won't help if the item was memorised in its posed state.)

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