Items show up three times

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I deinstalled and cleaned everything up after my last runtime screw-up.
I downloaded and re-installed and now...some items show up twice and some even three times.
A peek in my library and runtime folders only show the items once...
Why does Daz show it more often?

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    HI Estroyer :)

    It looks like you've installed the Core product, Legacy, and Poser companion files,

    If you only use Daz Studio 4.5,... then you only need the core product.
    If you use Poser,... you only need the Poser companion files.

    If you have an older version of DS than 4.5,... you'll need the legacy.

    use the product uninstallers to uninstall any formats you don't need.

    hope it helps :)

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    Oh darn XD
    I hope I still have the installers as I deselected it when I installed them...

    Yay, seems most of them had a deinstaller anyway :D
    Thanks for the help!

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    edited November 2012 I am stuck with empty windows with a warning (!) in them LOL
    I already tried removing them but it didn't do anything (see image).
    Any ideas on how I can clean those up?
    I also tried "consolidate files"but still no changes.

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