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Help With Adding Bones to Figure?
Posted: 13 November 2012 02:08 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hey guys, I’m Dakota, and I need help adding bones to my figure. I went to Window<Panes (Tabs)< Figure Setup, and then I clicked on Bones and then ‘create’ and it says this: “There is no root bone assigned to this figure. Do you wish to continue?” When I click “YES”, it doesn’t do anything. So I guess this is what I’m asking: how do you assign a root bone to a figure? Please help! Thanks, Dakota.

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Did you have any geometry imported into the Figure Setup pane? it doesn’t, dirctly, work on an object in the viewport - for that you need to go to Edit>Object>Convert Prop to Figure, then you can add bones with the Joint Editor tool. To load an OBJ file into Figure Setup, right-click in the Geometry list area on the left and from the menu select Add Geometry


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